Our work

A few examples of my work
  • Rmusic Festival
    Rmusic Festival
    The vision of the Rmusic Festival is a small intimate festival for friends and friends of friends. No massive advertising, just word of mouth – a festival that will grow because of the party and the people that make it. Combining the best local DJs and promoters to get the tunes rolling, the vibe will swiftly follow.
  • DigDeep Productions
    DigDeep Productions
    DigDeep Productions is a premier boutique production company based in Sydney. They provide a one-stop shop for audio, lighting, vision and staging regardless how big or small your event may be, and their website and branding had to reflect the professionalism that their clients expect.
  • DiveBuzz
    DiveBuzz is an online Dive magazine with a mission to inspire, educate and harness the passion SCUBA divers share for the underwater world and use this to raise awareness and invoke action to help protect our blue planet.
  • Scattering Ashes
    Scattering Ashes
    Scattering Ashes provides scattering ashes products, services and advice to celebrate the life of a loved one. When asked how the website should feel as opposed to look, the client responded, “An early autumn morning – clear skies and a warm, inviting sun with nip in the air.”
  • Tribal Travel Cairns
    Tribal Travel Cairns
    Tribal Travel Cairns are a travel and booking agency based in Cairns, FNQ. Their client base is mostly backpackers and independant travellers, so they needed a new, fresh brand and website to appeal to their target market.
  • PeakPerformance365
    PeakPerformance365 is a personal training website dedicated to helping people set and successfully achieve their fitness goals and “be the best they can be… everyday” and the website had to represent this results-driven commitment
  • DigDeep website
    DigDeep website
    DigDeep Promotions is a niche events management company that have been running highly successful, sell-out events for over 10 years. They needed a website to reflect and also help maintain their success and make full use of current web trends and social media. Powered by WordPress.
  • Scubapix website
    Scubapix website
    Website for Australia’s leading provider of underwater photography and videography equipment. Consistently in the top ten organic Google search results for Underwater Photography Solutions and other related searches.
  • Light and Motion website
    Light and Motion website
    Light & Motion have been producing innovative lighting and underwater video solutions since 1989. Their mission is to make taking great underwater video easy and fun while delivering quality and ease of control and their website had to convey this.
  • Sola Lights website
    Sola Lights website
    Online store for Sola Dive Lights, Photo lights and Video lights. Sola lights revolutionised the dive light market by delivering power, size and ease of use unmatched on the market with new LED light technology. Powered by WordPress.
  • Aquatica Digital website
    Aquatica Digital website
    Aquatica Digital are a leader in underwater photography equipment and manufactures an extensive line of underwater photography housings for today’s finest digital SLR cameras from Nikon and Canon.
  • Nauticam Australia website
    Nauticam Australia website
    Nauticam have quickly made a name for themselves as a World leader in producing innovative underwater photography equipment and this website showcases their products and the unique features that set them apart.
  • DigDeep posters
    DigDeep posters
    A series of posters to promote DigDeep’s events. Developed several different brands to suit different events.
  • Dexion website
    Dexion website
    Dexion Integrated Systems has some of the world’s most advanced automated storage and distribution solutions. Their website had to capture the essence of their brand, combining their people and processes with 3D animation bringing the sophistication and speed of their solutions to life. Developed whilst working at Jones Davis BBN.
  • Scotts website
    Scotts website
    Scotts produces a wide range of professional fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides for commercial growers, landscapers and turf managers. Positioned at the premium end of the market, the Scotts website needed to demonstrate the high value they delivered. Developed whilst working at Jones Davis BBN.
  • Datym website
    Datym website
    Datym.com is a secure exchange where trading partners share contact information, addresses and bank details in one central online location. The website had to reflect the easy to use and simplicity of their offering, illustrated with a Flash animation. Developed whilst working at Jones Davis BBN.
  • TOMR website
    TOMR website
    The website for TOMR Telematics had to convey them as synonymous with, and the leader in, heavy vehicle telematics. Developed whilst working at Jones Davis BBN.